Braided Rivers Bracelet Set

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Those BIG salmon fishing dreams - I think we all have them! Remembering your fishing dreams, you're going to recognize the names of the three bracelets in the Braided River series: Knik, Matanuska, and Talkeetna. Obviously named after 3 braided rivers. Each has great things about it that makes it so special, and we're proud to name these bracelets after three fantastic rivers! Get your Braided River bracelets so you will always remember the salmon you caught - or the ones you tell family that you caught😉.

* Crafted using natural leather and stainless steel.
* Jewelry always crafted with natural semiprecious stones and materials - no plastic or painted items.
* Regular size is 7-7.5 inches (18-19cm) - sizes can be customized - just email us!
* Made in Alaska by Alaskans - only crafted when ordered.
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Have you been to Alaska on vacation and are longing to come back?  Maybe you've never been, but Alaska is on your bucket list.  Then you're going to recognize the names of the three bracelets in the Braided River series, Knik, Matanuska, and Talkeetna. Each has great things about it that makes it so special, and we're proud to name these bracelets after three fantastic rivers!  Handcrafted with genuine leather and stainless steel clasps.
The Braided River Series consists of the Knik, Matanuska, and Talkeetna Bracelets. Perfect for a night on the town or fly fishing the river. This is one in a series of 3 for a set.
Knik Bracelet is comprised of 2 braided leather sets with a stainless steel bullet clasp. 
Matanuska Bracelet is comprised of 3 braided leather sets with a stainless steel clasp. 
Talkeetna Bracelet is comprised of 2 braided leather sets and 3 brown single leather strands with a stainless steel clasp. 
Read up on some more of Alaska's great braided rivers here.

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      Braided Rivers Bracelet Set
      Matanuska / Small (6.5-7 in or 16.5-18cm) - $30
      • Matanuska / Small (6.5-7 in or 16.5-18cm) - $30
      • Matanuska / Regular (7-7.5 in or 18-19cm) - $30
      • Matanuska / Large (7.5-8 in or 19-20.5cm) - $30
      • Talkeetna / Small (6.5-7 in or 16.5-18cm) - $32
      • Talkeetna / Regular (7-7.5 in or 18-19cm) - $32
      • Talkeetna / Large (7.5-8 in or 19-20.5cm) - $32
      • Knik / Small (6.5-7 in or 16.5-18cm) - $26
      • Knik / Regular (7-7.5 in or 18-19cm) - $26
      • Knik / Large (7.5-8 in or 19-20.5cm) - $26
      • Complete Set / Small (6.5-7 in or 16.5-18cm) - $70
      • Complete Set / Regular (7-7.5 in or 18-19cm) - $70
      • Complete Set / Large (7.5-8 in or 19-20.5cm) - $70

      Braided Rivers Bracelet Set

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